A weekend of Easter walks

Easter has been fun. A mixture of running and walking, out and about in nice weather. Eating, walking, eating, running, sleeping. Time out to have some fun.

It’s nice to have sunny weather – a nice long run on Saturday, then another on Sunday and a couple more walks. Roll on summer.

Just over an hour of running on Sunday, and just over an hour of walking with Fit Girl too.

The walks will help burn off my pizza and ice cream I had on Sunday. 😉 fingers crossed.

Then on Easter Monday, an early morning trip to Troon was a little strange.

Fog all morning. With loads of people and dogs on the beach, but you could hardly see anyone with the fog.

We had breakfast in a cafe, before a 2.5 mile walk. I had a bit of a paddle too. Then after, we were glad to get back to sunny Glasgow mid morning.

Then on Monday night, after some painting in the garden, we had a wee 1 mile walk through Kelvingrove as the sun set.

Pretty skies.

But it was a little chilly, hood up / body warmer type stuff:

I love my body warmer, but the hood is a bit massive… when I put it up, I can hardly see anything. Lol.

Fingers crossed I’ve burned off all my Easter eggs and ice cream I’ve eaten this weekend.

Easter weekend has been pretty productive, but restful and we’ve had some good walks and meals out. Decking is nearly done too. 🙂

It’s been nice getting out and about, chatting, coffees, eating. 🙂 back to training Tuesday.

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