March Totals

March started off well, after a good build up to the half marathon on the 8th. A few more good weeks, then I took some time off running to see if I could help get rid of an old ankle / plantar injury.

I took about a week off running after I gave blood on the 19th March, but still kept up strength training 2-3 times a week, and I did one swim. Plenty of walks. I did around 86 miles running, almost half of it in the first week.

I’ve finished my base strength phase and am now into my hypertrophy phase – 12 workouts, 2-3 a week, 10 hours in total. I liked my swimming, but I’d like to keep focus on alternating running and strength.

Here’s my summary of activities for March:

It was my most active month of the year so far, with over 115k nike fuel points. Although the end of the month, the red bits, were the hen weekend where I had a great time, but my body didn’t like the cold.

In comparison to January and February, March felt a lot like back to normal. Plenty of activity and feeling good. See all the green above? (Where I’ve hit my target of 3,000 fuel points).

Here’s February, a lot more green with some yellow rest or strength days:

My vo2 Max estimate for most of March was 53, then at the end, after not running for a bit and after my funny turn, it dropped to 51. And it’s now at 52.

My BP has been up and down, mostly down, but when I run or exercise it seems to come back up to normal levels. So I’m going to use regular running and training to help hopefully fix it.

Run, strength, run, strength, run, strength, rest. 🙂

My weight has been a little odd… it’s kind of been going up and up since mid January.

Start March
129.6lbs x 12.2% body fat = 15.8lbs
87.8% lean body mass = 113.8lbs

End March
128.9 x 13.5% body fat = 17.4lbs
86.5% lean body mass = 111.5lbs

Then today, 6 April:
130.8 x 11.8% body fat = 15.4lbs
88.2% lean body mass = 115.4lbs

So it’s a bit up and down, ending up, and maybe at its best now: slightly heavier (at the heaviest I’ve been in a few years) but with more lbm / less body fat. ?

I’m feeling good anyway, nice and strong, so forget the numbers and I’m comfortable where I am. 🙂 I’ll keep measuring anyway.

And maybe the strength training is working after all? 😉

Last week was a bit better for me than the last few weeks of March. I ran 4 times: 6, 5, 10 and 7 miles, and ran and walked at total of 33 miles. It’s been nice to be running in short shorts and Tshirt and sunnies too.

Easter brought me 5 days off work, and whilst I’ll have run 3 times, I have had 2 good rest days with some nice leisurely walks. Nice time out and a few Easter eggs and ice creams. Yum.

I’ve still been feelings bit funny / light headed / nauseous, but I’m taking each day as it comes (and in glad I’m still able to exercise with exercise seeking to help). Maybe I’m allergic to chocolate? 😉

A bit of gardening / painting in the sun, and some nice park and each walks – see, activity doesnt need to involve the gym / running.

Anyway, I’m into April, and I’ll start properly back training tomorrow (Tuesday).

See if I can:
– increase my vo2 Max estimate
– get healthy
– get my BP closer to normal (110/70 for me)
– run, strength, run, strength, run, strength, rest (3 runs, 3 strength, 1 rest a week, maybe a swim or 2 if I’m lucky).

5 weeks to my big summer holidays… I’ve already posted that we booked out Grand Canyon helicopter trip, and we also booked a tandem skydive each when we’re over in Las Vegas. Eeeeeeeeek!! Better get fit for that!

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