Wk11 into Wk12

This week has been a bit of a strange one if I’m honest.

When and after I exercised I felt fine, but in between I felt tired, and at the start of the week I felt gubbed. So gubbed I took time off work to recover a bit. :-/

On Monday at work I struggled through a day, 9 until I got my work finished, which ended up being about half 6. I took a good break at lunchtime, sitting, doing not a lot. A bit of time out ‘meditating’ using the headspace app.

But it didn’t stop me having to go and take a break in the toilet at another point in the day as I was feeling nauseous and confused. Arg.

Oh and another thing, with me not running much in the last few weeks and my drop in bp, my vo2 Max estimate has dropped 2 points, to 51.

Slightly annoying, but clearly shows what I’ve been feeling. From feeling really fit in February into March, to not feeling great at the end of March. The aim now is to take care and feel better, to get healthy again.

In the great perspective of life, low blood pressure is a bit of a non-condition. I have it because I’m fit and healthy. So I shouldn’t really complain, but it’s annoying when it makes you feel like crap.

It’s hardly life threatening, so I’ll just need to learn to manage it, take care of myself (by eating, drinking and resting plenty) and get on with it.

Perhaps this is the end of me giving blood? I gave blood on 19th March and now my diastolic BP, the flow of blood out of your heart, seems to be low a lot. If giving blood makes me feel like this it might well be my last time.

Anyway, here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 6M easy run
Tue: Rest
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 5.1M run wi Eileen
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M run wi Ewen n Angy
Sun: 6M run wi Fit Girl

My BP was low mostly, and increased to more normal levels after runs, so I know that running easy helps it. It might just be the fix I need.

And here’s my plan to get better:

– Eat plenty (always remember to eat, and eat well)
– Drink plenty (water, and one drink with electrolytes in it) – Take it easy exercising (exercise regularly, but all easy, no hard stuff). – Rest & get plenty sleep.
– Monitor my BP a few times a day.

Here’s what I’m planning training wise next week:

Mon: Deadlift Strength
Tue: 5M easy run
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 7M run wi Eileen tbc
Fri: Deadlift Strength
Sat: 8-10M run
Sun: Rest

(After my run with my brother today).

I’ll miss my 2nd strength workout of this week on Sunday, and do it on Monday instead, then alternate running with strength the rest of the week. 3 runs, 3 strength.

We have Monday Tuesday off work, but we’ll hopefully get a few training sessions in anyway. I might swap one of the strength days for a rest day on Sunday, but I’ll see how it goes. 🙂

It’s all good really, and looking forward to next week and some fun days off work.

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