I’m weak :-/

I’m weak and I don’t like it. Or at least I’ve been weak this week, and I don’t like it.

I hate the feeling, of either being nauseous or feeling faint, which makes me need to stop and sit down. Or stop and recover. It’s not nice.

I’m usually fit and healthy and able to do anything I set my mind to do. Get my cape on, some good positive chat and I can get through almost anything. But when your body stops you, it’s strange. It’s not nice.

Trying to walk up that hill after the river tubing, my heart was racing as adrenaline kept my body upright until I got to the top of the hill. White as a sheet after my hands and feet being so cold for too long. Water and a Mars bar helped, as did the compassion and chat and help from my friends.

Then on Monday, in work, I needed to go into a bathroom and sit on the floor to get a rest. I was ill (and my colleagues told me after that I looked ill too). And I sat for an hour at lunchtime, just letting my body rest. Time out for me.

Then I took a day off work (sick!) on Tuesday to sort myself out. Rest and recover. Find out what I could do to get back to my ‘normal’.

Then cautious with Strength training on Wed morning went fine, i was careful and was able to move the weight well. I felt strong again.

Today after my run, although I took it easy, I did feel a little faint directly after it. So I made sure I had my lunch and drank plenty at work. I don’t want to end up in hospital again! Arg!! I thought I was onto something.

Right now, it seems to be the lower number of my blood pressure, the diastolic number, that’s been really low. When 60 is low, it was away down at 43 the other day. But exercise, easy exercise, seems to be helping.

Today is my first day of my period too (sorry gentleman), but I’m pretty sure everything is pretty down today with my body dealing with that too. And I imagine in the next week or so, everything should pick up and feel better.

Here’s what my BP has been over the last few days (remembering it was around 97/43 on Sunday):

I ran the other day, and although my BP started off low in the morning, it rose to an almost ideal 119/79 after a 6 mile run.

The idea is, my heart rate is low (50 ish) because I’m fit, as is my blood pressure. But when I exercise, my heart rate increases to around 150 beats per minute, and this in turn increases my blood pressure. And I feel better.

Tonight after my run, a Chinese meal and some wee Easter eggs, my BP is the best it’s been for ages, 123/79. Which was the fix though? The run, the eggs or the Chinese meal? Eeeeeeeeek. (Hopefully the run!).

Now I’ve read about low blood pressure, and posted about what you can do to treat it. Not a lot really, except maybe, common sense healthy stuff:

– Drink plenty water.
– Eat regularly.
– Exercise regularly.
– Increase salt intake.

I do the first three daily, but I thought maybe I could aim to eat more regularly (sometime at work I forget when I’m busy!) … And I also though I could maybe get a better balance of water to salts / electrolytes (since I drink so much water).

So here’s the plan –

1. Eat plenty, and remember to eat regularly.

2. Drink plenty water daily which will include one 750ml bottle with an electrolyte tablet.

3. Regular easy exercise (and sleep and rest!)

The other day I bought these tablets from wiggle to try out. See if they might help me balance my salt / electrolyte intake with the amount of water I drink.

I’ve tried the Nuun ones and they’re ok – maybe a bit strong tasting for my liking, so I might dissolve half a tablet in my 750ml bottle next time. And I used sis energy held, so whilst all of these tablets have some form of sweetener in them, I’ll try them out anyway.

Here’s their contents, very low calorie, but full of salts / minerals / vitamins etc:

And here’s what it looks like when dissolved – it kind of looks like pee!! A little.

But it doesn’t taste like (I imagine) pee (to taste like!).

So hopefully, me eating and drinking plenty, whilst getting regular exercise, will help me get my strength back, and get rid of this annoying weakness that seems to be coming and going over the last few days.

I’m looking forward to a few good rest days now, Friday and Tuesday probably. But we’ll see how it goes.

I don’t want to be weak – I want to be healthy, happy, fit and strong (again). 😀

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2 Responses to I’m weak :-/

  1. JO.C says:

    Lorn a salt deficiency does result in lowering BP. I also have low BP and I sweat a lot when exercising so I eat quite a bit of salt in the form of Marmite, olives, salted nuts, electrolyte tabs sometimes? Jo.C

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