Treating low BP

Where a normal blood pressure (BP) is 120/80 and low BP is 90/60, my recent reading of 93/46 is clearly low, and it’s no wonder I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy and woozy.

It started on Thursday or Friday, just a strange feeling, not feeling 100% – then the cold on Saturday appeared to almost finish me off and send my BP into my boots.

Maybe an after effect of giving blood on thu 19th, or maybe just a coincidence.

Low body temp during the adventure stuff on Saturday and lack of blood to my feet and hands, meant I got out of the water and my body struggled to do anything normal.

Sure I felt weak, cold, tired and had blurry vision. And I’m still feeling it now (I feel gubbed, tired and cold) – so, what to do about it?

Well, my Dad and ex GP says there’s nothing to worry about:

I’ll feel rotten for a while until my BP rises a bit. And here’s the online advice for how to help yourself:

drink more fluids
– eat small regular meals
– exercise to increase blood flow
– eat more salt rich foods
and the rest…

There we have it. So easy exercise to get me back to normal, along with plenty of water and food. (And I think I read somewhere that caffeine can help too – it apparently raises the heart rate and bp).

I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it goes up.

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