Wk10 into Wk11

This last week was a bit of an odd one, not that much exercise done as is restricted myself from running to see if I could help improve and get rid of an old ankle injury that seemed to be reappearing, but also a good recovery week after giving blood on Thursday 19th March.

1 swim, 2 strength sessions, and a few walks was all did, plus an adventure day which involved jumping from high places, swimming, walking and back paddling kind of back stroke action in the water. Plus 3 rest days.

Last week wasn’t a good one for sleep. On wed and thu night I got around 5 hours sleep and had either a disturbed sleep or woke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I think I’ve recovered this weekend with some good sleeps, rest and a nap, but I really could do much better with it.

Here’s what I did exercise wise:

Mon: 2000m swim
Tue: Squat Strength
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: Deadlift strength & 35 min walk
Sat: Rest (cliff jumping and river tubing)
Sun: Rest

I was tempted to try a run to see how my ankle is, but I’ll leave it a few more days. It feels ok, so I’m hoping another few days will see it good. Well worth the abstinence from running.

The night out on Saturday night took me right out of my comfort zone: an unusual late night, very noisy music, drinking (my friends, not me) and not knowing when I was going to get home), meant it all turned out to be a hit of an Endurance session for me.

I noticed at just before 10, after the really good meal we had out, that I was flagging. Afters busy adventure day and some really good food (in a bit of a noisy restaurant / bar in Edinburgh) and chat, I was ready for my bed. But the bride of the hen night and the bridesmaid wanted to go on to a bar, so I joined them.

By 22:20 I was gubbed. In a dark, trendy, basement bar… it was quite stressful event for me. Trying to stay involved and active, when my instincts were to get right out of there and get a good sleep. I managed to last til about half 11 when the groom came in to the pub from being out on the town himself.

He was going back to their house to ask their dogs, so I gratefully hopped in a taxi home with him before I turned into a pumpkin. In bed for just after 12, I needed and got a good sleep.

I kind of related the endurance I felt I was going through in the pub, out of my comfort zone etc, to what it might feel like if I asked a non runner to come a run with me, nice and slow.

I wouldn’t tell the non runner how long we’d be running for, just that we’d be out, taking them on a run, for as long as I wanted to be out. One hour, maybe 2, maybe 3. I explained this to my friend Fiona (a non runner) and she related, so knew what I was going through.

I felt a bit of a copout going home early (early for my friends, late for me), but it helped me realise that I love my life, and the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

I’m an ‘up early, active, eat out, enjoy my food, eat for health, exercising, non drinker’ … and I love it. 🙂 I wouldn’t swap it for anything. It just confined to me how much I’m settled in who I am and what our lives are like.

The life of a would be athlete who’s trying to be healthy, and happy, and always maintaining or improving. 😉

Anyway, here’s the plan for next week. I’m aiming to place an importance in getting SLEEP. I’m going to try to be in bed for 9-930pm each night. And my strength is going into the hypertrophy phase so I’ll be lifting heavier weights.

Hopefully the sleep will also help any recovery I might need after the low blood pressure dip on Saturday, and continue my recovery after giving blood on thu 19th.

Here’s the training I’m planning on doing next week:

Mon: AM 2000m swim PM Squat Strength
Tue: 5M run wi Eileen
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: 7M run (if leg is ok)
Fri: Rest (or 2000m swim if I fancy it) – but day off so maybe rest).
Sat: 10M run wi Ewen if I’m up to it)
Sun: Rest

🙂 that should do. Roll on Monday.

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