Adventure tubing with cliff jumping

So this is what’s planned for today’s activity for my friends hen night. I thought it was just adventure tubing but I’m going to be jumping off a cliff to. Lol. Should be fun.

We’ll be shaking wet anyway, and in wet suits. But the Amber weather warnings aren’t the best. Never mind. Maybe it’ll brighten up?

Last night we were all chatting, 2 of my very good friends and their other halves. One of the guys noticed I was drinking from my bottle a lot….

…and after having around 3 beers, said sort of funnily, ‘how much do you pee? – you’ve drunk two of them since you got here, and you’re onto your third!’. (1.5L of water)

We laughed a bit, and then I was thinking, he had 3 x500mls of beer last night. I might say to him today, after he has a few beers, ‘how much do you pee?’. 😉

Love my water.

Strange dreams, Fiona Clark and Clare Grattan were in them, Clare was coaching 4 of her PT clients and I was helping out. And Fiona was helping people film a project (and was acting funny in front of the camera) in the BBC and ended up all over the BBC news. Lol.

You had be there but it was strange.

Better sleep last night, 7 hours. And I think my foot feels better too, so I might try a run tomorrow depending on how I feel. 🙂

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