A day of adventures

My friend Fiona is getting married at the end of May. She likes things like mountain biking and adrenaline sports, and when our friend Rhona, (Fiona’s bridesmaid) asked me if I wanted to go on the Hen day/night, and go to Nae Limits just past Perth, I said I’d go along.

Rhona told me it would be River Tubing, then the night before I found out that we’d be doing cliff jumping too. Lucky I’m usually up for anything. (Cape on).

Here’s Fiona before:

We got there just after 930am and had a safety briefing and signed our lives away. I mentioned to the guy who was leading us (Ben) that I had low blood pressure, as I had a feeling the cold and my low blood pressure night not be a good mix. I’d just need to see what happened.

We got our wetsuits, a body one, then two tops and some wetsuit socks. Then our old trainers on. Then we got our helmets and life vests. The weather was forecast to be horrible, wind and heavy rain, but lucky for us it turned out nice. Even sunny at the end.

We got bused up to the top of s river near Kilikrankie. We took our big tubs, walking with them on our heads, and walked s but to get to where we’d do the cliff jumping.

Here’s me before, in the car being take up there. I had just eaten a mars bar for luck, and had had a banana, berries and yoghurt, and a coffee for breakfast.

We jumped off the first cliff, maybe 4-5 meters up. Fiona went first, then me, then Rhona, then Ann Marie. It was cold when we first jumped in but the wet suits kept us warm. We jumped off that bit 4 times.

By then our hands were starting to get a bit cold but it was expected. The next jump was a bit higher up, so Ben took us up there and gave us the option to jump off it. It was maybe 6-8 metres up. It was a little scarier, but I thought I’d be ok with it.

Ann Marie wasn’t up for the higher jump, but Fiona, Rhona and I had a look. Fiona tried, and I said I’d do it if she did. So she tried, then stepped back. And I guess it was then on me to do it. Ha.

I stood for a bit. Looking out and up and bit, tried to build up some courage and bravery. Feeling my chest rising, standing tall. 3,2,1… Then I jumped.

I didn’t land as well as before and hot my bum on the water, but I was ok. It was a bit of a swim back to the edge, but as I was lying on my back kicking, I saw that it was the push Fiona needed to do it too. She jumped, then so did Rhona. 🙂

Then we walked along a bit and got in the tubes to go down the river. My hands then had webbed wetsuit gloves on, but they were still a bit cold. Everything else was ok. We travelled down the river and I was moving my arms and paddling a bit to get done movement and warmth in my arms.

Some rapids and some calm bits, it was quite relaxing in parts and when the sun came out it was nice. At some point I started to not feel my feet to well. They were really cold, and with them hanging above the tube, I’m not sure they were getting enough blood to them. But. I still felt ok.

At the end, we stood up in the tube, I felt ok doing it, but I could clearly tell my legs from the shins down weren’t working due to the cold. I then fell off, which again was ok. But when I tried to get back on I found I didn’t have the strength to kick or pull myself back on.

I felt really weak, like someone had taken my super powers, or even just my power away. The cold had. Ben helped me with the tube, so I eventually got on, but I realised what was happening. The cold was getting to me.

We then climbed out, and had to carry the tubes up a bit of a hillside. I was right behind Ben as he climbed and I was finding it really hard work. I could do it, but it was a struggle. Feeling a bit sick, and feeling really weak. Not good I was realising.

I got to the top. And the rest followed. They were all smiling and I looking at Rhona with her tube on her head, smiling lots, I could tell she was nice and happy. I wasn’t so much. And as the rest walked on, I gave Fiona a kind of look and hand signal, and she realised there was something not quite right happening.

My heart was racing, I was feeling sick. I needed my helmet off, but couldn’t manage to get it off myself. Ben helped me and loosened off a few of my wetsuit layers.

They were asking me what was wrong, and i couldn’t explain it. I just knew I couldn’t go on. I started to cry a bit, partly because my body wasn’t doing what i wanted it to do, and because I couldn’t explain what was happening.

I was pretty sure it was cold + exertion + low blood pressure = my body telling me to rest up. I sat on the tube for a bit and relaxed. I started to feel a bit better and we walked back up to the car. The cold was setting in, I was shivering.

We stopped at the car park at the top and got some pictures taken. I was feeling better already and I kind of had a feeling something like this might happen. Me and cold don’t mix. Neither do me and shock.

It was all good fun anyway and in glad we did it. We drove back and I guzzled a Mars bar to up my sugar levels. We got changed, and I put lots of clothes on. 2 compression tops, my gillet and my fleece. As well as my thick warm walking trousers. A hot water bottle at my feet and I was sorted.

Some more water and done more food on the way back, and I was feeling ok.

A good wee day, even though I was the one who took the whitey. The weather turned out lovely. I might need a nap (or a few coffees) before the hen tonight. Lol.

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