Be you, be amazing, and smile

This week, things have been a bit crazy busy at work. I’m not sure what’s happening, but as much as I’m getting lots of work done, I’m clearly staying too late, and to be honest, I maybe need a wee holiday.

I’m probably overworking, over thinking and I’m tired and probably emotional. But in work, I’m fine. I’m busy and I’m getting on with it. Nearly the edge of being overwhelmed, I’m in control, but on the verge of having things slip through my fingers.

Forgetting major daily routine things at times (like eating and drinking!), but reacting quickly to many other things. Being very productive and overly helpful and chatty. Wanting to help, wanting to fix things and fixing things with ease.

Wanting to exercise but realising that sleep is more important and that exercise can wait. Rest and we’ll bring is more important. I’ve done all of this before.

I’ve not been sleeping well, which is a sure sign things aren’t going the best, but I’m trying my best to keep it all together (and I think I am).

A few weeks ago I felt like I needed a holiday, a chance to take a break from it all. Maybe that’s what I need.

I’m good, I’m dealing with things and taking it all step by step. I’m chatting things through and I’m not getting upset (what’s the point in worrying?).

Tomorrow, I have a half day (I’m taking back some of the extra time worked this week), and in travelling to Edinburgh to see two of my best friends for one of their hen day and night on Saturday.

I’m going to be going back to my youth with 2 friends from my childhood. And I’m really looking forward to it. A well deserved time out.

We’re going to ‘nae limits’ in Perth on Saturday, to do River Tubing … I may turn blue, and I’m sure I’ll get soaking wet. Then we’re having a night out in Edinburgh.

Now, strangely, today I noticed (from a blog I did), that this time last year, I was in a similar place with things. But I was even more over whelmed. I hadn’t slept well all week, and I wrote the post in the link below:

I’ve been here before. I know what the signs are. I know what to do to make things good, make things better. 🙂

Maybe it’s a ‘clocks go back’ time of the year thing? lol. Or a full moon thing? (Is it even a full moon??) 😉

Anyway, here were the final sentences of the post I wrote last year, lost or in control. I think I need to re read it, be me and smile. 🙂

You can spend time being down or feeling unbalanced and helpless.

Or you can enjoy life and take control of it.

You can do what you want and you can be who you want to be.

Don’t let the darkness consume you.
Open your eyes to the stars in the night sky,
And the bright sun and the rainbows in sky.
Be you, be amazing, and smile.

I’m looking forward to a good weekend. 🙂 life is too short and I’m ready for some chilled out and adventurous fun.

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