Revising training plans

Sometimes you have a plan, then life or work takes over. And I’m ok with that. 🙂

Today I was meant to swim after work (before work really, but I changed my mind this morning), but ended up at work (11 hours) from about 8am-9pm. So a swim was out of the question.

Lucky for me, dinner was going to be ready / on the table around 730pm, so I decided there was no point in swimming and that today would be a rest day. At least it was a good busy productive work day.

When this happens, like it sometimes does, all I do is take another look at my training, decide what’s most important training wise, and start afresh / mix it up.

I don’t like missing my training time because of work, so it makes me even more motivated and determined to do it for the rest of the week.

So here’s my revised training plan for this week:

Mon: 2000m swim
Tue: Squat Strength
Wed: Rest (work day!)
Thu: 2000m swim
Fri: Deadlift Strength / work / travel to Ed.
Sat: Hen day / night
Sun: maybe run / try out foot.

So less cardio overall, but not by much and the important things, swim x2 and strength x2 will hopefully happen.

I’ve been resting my foot, but it’s still not quite right. I’ll swim Thursday morning, strength Friday morning before going to Edinburgh for my friends Hen day / night.

Maybe need to fit in some shopping on Thursday night and pack etc.

Now, here’s a funny one… A new Facebook page has appeared which is called Hillhead Photos. Hillhead was my primary school and it’s been funny seeing old photos of people which have been shared.

Here’s the first one I’ve seen of me with my face on it. Holding hands with my friend from the time. Nice haircut 6 year old me. 😉

(I was meant to be Indiana Jones – the hat is tied around my neck).

Now, hopefully if I can get a swim in tomorrow, I’ll get another good productive day at work tomorrow too.

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