Another great day!

As days go, that was a damn good day.

No ‘training’ or real ‘exercise’, but an active rest day with around an hour of walking, and lots of helping people and chatting with people.

Today started up early with a good breakfast before walking 2 miles to Queen Street, taking a bit of a detour and accompanying Fit Girl on her walk to work.

After I left her, I put an audio book on and walked over the new walkway, across the M8 and up to the train station. I was aiming for the 8:30 train, but ended up there at around 8:05 so was able to grab a starbucks coffee before getting on the train.

I had a good day at work, got a lot done, and also watched the live Get Inspired event coming from my work in Glasgow – and I saw me and a very inspiring and lovely woman I know (Janice) appear in the video to inspire women to get active. 🙂

Google BBC get inspired Q & A, and see if you can see the video or look up Janice’s great last few words about getting your trainers on.

I managed to get an earlier than normal train home (the 5:30 train) to get back to Glasgow at 6:20pm, where I met Fit Girl.

Now that I’m back to normal and feeling fit and healthy again, I’d been wanting to give blood for a while. Today was ideal because I’m feeling good, I’m in the middle of 2 rest days, and Thursday night was late night opening.

I ended up popping in at 6:35pm, and was finished by 7pm. I sat for a bit and had my usual juice and snack (no Tunnocks tea cakes boooooo!).

A nice and unexpected visit to the blood centre to give over a pint of A positive to help save some lives. 😉

That was my 26th pint of blood given today and my heamoglobin was 14.2 which is higher than its been in a while (I get it measured each time I come, and 12 is around the lower limit). Good stuff.

Then we went out for a random and unplanned Italian meal in the centra of town, where I had calamari to start and a very tasty chicken and prune salad.

All in all, a really good day. 😀

AND today is my Friday as I’m off on leave tomorrow (rest and fun day), for another 3 day weekend. I wonder what I’ll do?

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