Need motivation? – this might help

Someone at work came to my desk the other day and said, in a down and sad voice –

‘I just can’t get motivated again’.

I knew from before, that she was talking about being motivated to lose weight. She’d been successful in losing weight before by being a bit more careful about what she ate, and by incorporating more walking into her life.

She’d really enjoyed the walking, got a real buzz off it, and liked the results, so I suggested:

1. Now that Spring is in, she might start up regular walking again, and
2. Have more focus on what she was eating. 3. Restart each day with a goal to be the best version of her.

All of that might work, but how can you get motivated to improve and become the best version of you?

Here are some steps you can follow, steps 1-3 today, (steps 4-10 to come):

1. Research
Find out what it is you would like to change and do some research into how you might do it. Run a 10k? Lose weight? Get more healthy?

Have a think about what worked in the past for you, or ask others what worked for them. Think about your life and the time you have each day. Find out what will work for you.

2. Get Resources
Get help, advice and support from other people and other sources of information. Get social, chat with others to get motivated to achieve. Read a book, go online, ask other people. Youtube, Facebook, TV, the radio.

Get a coach or personal trainer, or ask a friend or relative for help and advice and support. Get ongoing support from those who are closest to you. Ask your husband or wife to support you to achieve your goals.

3. Set a goal
Once you know what you want to change, set a goal and write it down. Share it with others of you want, this can help with accountability and to help make sure you act to achieve your goal. Make your goal specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and give it a timescale.

Once you have your goal, print it out on a little bit of paper and keep it with you. Keep it in your phone or somewhere in sight like on your fridge, or in your car.

Make the goal positive if you can, and focus more on the result or the positive action you can take (ie health, happiness, training to run 10k, being more consistent with exercise), rather than a loss or stopping something you used to do.

Look out tomorrow for my next steps on how to get motivated and achieve.

Here’s part 2 and 3:

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