Need motivation? – part 2 of 3

How can you get motivated to improve and become the best version of you?

Following on from my 3 out of 10 steps yesterday on how to get motivated, here are some steps you can follow, steps 4-7 today, (steps 8-10 to come):

4. Change one thing at a time
Change one thing and stick to it for 2-4 weeks to make it into a habit. Then change the next thing. Try not to jump right in and change too many things at once as red reach has shown that people tend to fail when they try this.

Look at what most important to achieve your goal. Is drinking plenty of water and prepping and having your food with you the most important? Or including exercise into your daily routine? Replacing a daily consumption of 4 cans of coke or diet coke (with nice chilled water)?

Bit by bit you can improve your life, just take it step by step. What action can you take to improve and achieve your goal?

5. Make a plan
After having thought of what your goal will be, what will work and what action you’ll take – the next step is to get a plan together. What will you start doing to achieve your goals? What will you stop doing?

How will you achieve your goal? What will you do when, to achieve your goal? To run a distance like a 5k or a 10k, get yourself a training plan and maybe a running buddy for motivation. To get stronger, set aside time to strength train, and aim to strength train a certain number of times a week.

Make time to exercise, make time to prep your food. Get up an hour earlier, set appointments with yourself or arrange to meet others. (I train at 630am, lunchtime 1230, or 6pm, those are my ‘training appointment times for myself).

6. Make it important and be accountable
If it’s important you’ll find a way, if it’s not important you’ll find an excuse. You usually need to believe in what you’re doing to be motivated to take action (and get results). Place an importance on your goal and what it is you’ll do to achieve your goal.

Let others know about your goal, get support from them or even get them involved too. Get a team together at work. If doing it on your own, write a blog about it, post it on Facebook. Ask your other half for support and let them know why it’s important to you.

In the grand scheme of things, me getting healthier, or getting stronger, maybe isn’t a great goal – but I’ve done the weight loss, I’ve run the runs, got the PBs and the tshirts. I’m still always looking at other ways I can improve. Health is a big one for me, and so is getting enough sleep, rest, being consistent – all ways to continually improve.

Each goal is individual and you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Whatever you make important, you can achieve.

7. Measure / chart your progress
Once you’ve started your journey, measurement is a great way to keep you motivated and let you know if you’re on the right path or not. You might weight yourself (and get body fat readings) once a week, or measure your waist to workout your waist to height ratio.

By measuring you can set yourself specific goals to achieve to become more healthy, and you can also see your progress. What action gave you taken this week that worked, what didn’t work? What will you do more of to achieve your goals, what will you do more of?

It doesn’t need to be so specific though – the other day, after three weeks of regular strength training, I knocked out 3 sets of 15 press ups quite comfortably, whereas up to then, I’d only been about to manage 3×10.

You might get to a point where you can lift heavier, run for longer, or faster – it’s all progress. Measure and chart it.

And pat yourself on the back when you do achieve progress – new trainers? a new watch? Let people know about your progress and remember what’s working for you and why.

Look out tomorrow for steps 8-10 and some more info on how to get motivated and achieve.

Here’s part 1 and 3:

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