Medal for Fit Girl

You’ll remember Fit Girl ran her first half marathon on the 8th March…

She loved it and was so chuffed that her knee held up and she was able to run the whole thing in under 2 hours, well under 2 hours, in 1:52:42.

But she was WELL disappointed when we got the goodie bag in the end and it didn’t contain a medal. 😦 We got a t shirt that’s too big, a banana, a water and a caramel biscuit.

I explained that sometimes they don’t give medals after events, some people don’t want medals, so sometimes they’re not included. She was well gutted though. 😦

So the other day I went online and ordered her (and I) a medal, with an engraving of her time and the event. And a green and white ribbon, just for her. 🙂

So here goes, £4.50 plus postage for two medals.

And I get to add mine to my medal collection in my spare room too. 🙂

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1 Response to Medal for Fit Girl

  1. zanderbeggs says:

    Is that not half the reason for running? “It’s all about the bling” the medal and the technical t shirts? I run quite a few of the organised events with a load of my friends from parkrun and get a little miffed if there’s no reward after all my efforts. Just that little momento to remind me of all the fun I had.

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