Wk8 into Wk9

A short 4 day work week and some enforced rest after the half marathon on Sunday, last week was another good training week.

I still managed 3 good runs and a couple of strength sessions, not to mention 3 rest days.

I ended up resting on Monday, after the half, then instead of running on Tuesday, had another rest day. Trying to be sensible after running for nearly 2 hours with Fit Girl on Sunday.

I was feeling a little odd on Tuesday, post event blues a little. The way to get over it? I’m going to focus on alternating running with strength work, hopefully 3 times a week each (alternating, strength, run, strength, run, rest, run, strength).

An hour of running with Eileen on Wednesday, then some squat strength on Wednesday night and I was back into it.

On Thursday I was meant to run with Gill in the morning, but she text with a worry of some pain, so I decided I’d run at lunchtime instead.

Out for dinner on Thursday night. Tasty pizza and ice cream. Yum.

I did a good wee 10k, before a nice rest day on Friday. I asked friends on Facebook what they thought I should do, and most people suggested a run (is that all people think I do? ;-)).

We had a good day out, pancakes at TriBeCa that lasted me the whole day, then a morning out at Irvine beach which was nice. Sun shining, no wind and not too cold. I miss the sea (having grown up next to it).

Friday was also my first sit in the garden all year, until the cloud came over. A visit from henry the cat and a good Nap on Friday, finished off a great day. 🙂

Saturday was 10 and a bit miles with my brother, before I went to Galston to coach a small group swimming.

It’s nice to see him really getting into running, even though he says he doesn’t enjoy it (he runs 4x5ks and 2 x2 hour runs a week!!)

And Sunday morning was a good deadlift and strength session in the gym. 🙂

working hard:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: 1hr run / Squat Strength
Thu: 10k run
Fri: Rest (walk on the beach)
Sat: 10 mile run
Sun: Deadlift Strength

On Wednesday I met the lovely Gordon from Kaizen, who perhaps unknowingly boosted my spirits and reminded me of my super powers and how far I’ve come. Time to notch it up a gear I think. 😉

This last week I also did a few posts, one about letting go:

And just in time for Mother’s Day today, a post about who I consider my ‘real mum’. It might seem odd, but I’m cool with it:
https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2015/03/10/my-real-mum/ Happy Mother’s Day, you know who. 🙂 thanks to all the positive feedback I got for these posts x

Next week, the plan is to get into the alternating strength and running. See if I can get my vo2 Max up any?

I’m enjoying the long runs, so I’m going to keep that up, and I’m going to make a real effort to be up and training in the morning: 630am at least. Early nights will be a must, so will getting up out of bed for 6:15 at the latest.

Friday is another day off work, but Thursday in in Edinburgh which usually takes the who day, so I may need to be inventive (maybe go to the Gym really early? or take a rest day or Thursday):

Mon: 8M run
Tue: Squat Strength
Wed: 5M run
Thu: Deadlift strength
Fri: Rest (day off / day trip somewhere?)
Sat: 6M run
Sun: Squat Strength

That’ll do. 🙂 I might only manage 2 strength sessions, but we’ll see.

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