An ace day off

I had some leave left to use before the end of March, so I took today off (and have next Friday off too). Today was good day. 🙂

In summary, today was:

Lie in
Breakfast of Pancakes & coffee
Walk on the beach
Shopping for some bits and bobs
Back home, sit in the garden in the sun
Played with Henry the cat
Walk to the shop for berries
Steak for dinner
Telly / Reading a book

I asked some friends on Facebook what they thought I should do today, and most of the suggestions included a run. But what they maybe don’t know is that I usually try to use leave days for rest days (and enjoy the with some fun and rest with Fit Girl). Unless it’s my birthday, then I might go a run.

First off we had a nice lie in, nearly 10 hours sleep, then at 10am we were at TriBeCa for pancakes. About 3/4s of the way through I was stuffed (and should have left the rest!!), but ended up finishing them.

TriBeCa was ok, the service was good, but it was quite expensive, with our breakfast costing the same as a 2 and 3 course meal last night!

Anyway, I was so full, the pancakes ended up lasting me the whole day!

(But I have to say, I liked my blueberry and walnut pancakes which don’t have flour in them, they’re much tastier).

After breakfast, we took a drive down the M77, to Irvine beach. I had a change of shoes, so I could wear my waterproof boots Incase of getting soaked. (I also hate sand!!)

It was a nice day, around 9’C, but no wind whatsoever, so it was really pleasant.

We walked along the waters edge, water lapping close to our feet as we walked. It was so tranquil.

There were some horses out on the beach and quite a few dogs, black labs and Alsatians. Cute as anything.

We walked for just over half an hour, nice n gentle, enjoying the views and the chat.

Of course, we had little Asda and Jasper too. 😉

We went up into the dunes.

A few more pics…

Then back down at the waters edge on the way back.

Before we went back to the car, I decided I’d test my boots out…

They were very much waterproof…

…thankfully. 😉

For those of you from Wick, the beach wasn’t as good as Reiss, but I think it’ll be a place we go back to.

Maybe to fly a kite (when it’s windy).

After we got back, I sat in the garden for a bit, for the first time this year.

We got a visitor, Henry.

He’s so cute too.

Then he disappeared.

After that we had a good nap, then dinner and telly / reading a book.

A nice wee rest day ahead of craziness tomorrow:

10 mile run wi my brother and his friend
Swim coaching for an hour

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