Wk8 into Wk9

Last week was pretty busy, a lot of running (around 30 miles), 2 and a bit strength sessions and a rest day. And even a wee spin session for good measure.

Mon: am: Deadlift strength (gym)
pm: metabolic circuit (gym)
Tue: 8M tempo wi Gill
Wed: 4.4M easy wi Fit Girl
Thu: am: 7M wi Eileen
pm: 7M run coaching
Fri: Rest
Sat: Spin, Squat Strength & Circuit
Sun: Half marathon wi FG

Now here goes the plan to build into a mixture of more regular strength training and running.

My bum / legs are a little sore from strength training on Saturday – so I’ve had a rest this morning and will see how I am later in the day as to whether I’ll rest all day or not.

Less running this coming week, but again I’ll hopefully be running with others to get me out of my bed. Saturday morning should be fun, another run with my brother (and maybe his friend). See if I can beat them again (only kidding).

Week 9

Mon: Rest pm (maybe squat strength)
Tue: 5-6M easy wi Eileen?
Wed: am: Strength (gym)
pm: Metabolic (gym)
Thu: 9M easy wi Gill
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M run wi my brother
pm: swim coaching
Sun: Strength & Metabolic (gym)

My food is all prepped for next week, here’s what I’ll be having:

– Lunch – chicken and salad box
– Snacks – coconut pieces
– banana & peanut butter smoothie
– cheese and tomatoes
– nuts

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