Super Omega 3s from My Protein

My usual Omega 3 capsules I used to get from Boots ran out. You can usual get 3 for 2, but the amount of EPAs and DHAs in them wasn’t exactly too impressive, so I ended up taking two a day.

Anyway, I found these on My

They have about 3 times the amount of EPAs as the Boots ones had… and I’ve ordered 250 Super Omega 3s, which should last me around 8 or 9 months. 🙂

The name suits me too. 😉

I also found this list of discount codes too: so I got 10% off.

If you want, you could benefit from the discounts too. I usually get Total Breakfast, and sometimes Whey Protein powder for shakes.

If you do buy something after my recommendation, feel free to use my refer a friend code below. 🙂

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