Fit Girl is ready for it

Well, after around 6-7 weeks of training, 6 or 7 long runs totalling around 60-70 miles – 1 run a week, plus 3-4 spin sessions and strength sessions a week – Fit Girl is ready to run the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon.

(I’ve run about 170-180 miles in that time).

We’re having an early night tonight, so we’re up early, to get the bus from Clydebank to start the run from Lomond Shores.

The race starts at 9am, and Fit Girl hopes to finish it in 2 hours. Our training runs have been going well, within that pace target (about 9:05s), and she only had a bit of a sore knee once.

Fingers crossed the spin work has strengthened her leg / glutes so she doesn’t get any knee pain tomorrow. If she does, she’ll stop, and rub it and should be able to keep going. I’ll be there to get her water and carry her jelly babies.

Now, she likes to keep herself to herself, so you won’t see a picture on here of her. And she also doesn’t like a fuss. But unbeknownst to her, I’ve arranged for her mum, dad and a couple of her really good friends to be at the finish.

Eeeek! (She might kill me for it!!) but hopefully it’ll be ok.

I’m not sure what to wear tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Night night. 🙂

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