Today’s good news

You might remember that a few weeks ago I met my good friend Gemma for lunch and a big long walk and chat.

I hadn’t seen Gemma for a while and she was kind of between jobs and wanting to get the opportunity to get in as a Designer somewhere.

She’s an amazing person, a little crazy (like me, but maybe even more crazy?), so friendly and nice and well talented in art and design (we met at Art School – locker buddies as my second name came after hers).

Since Art School she’s furthered her education, has worked on lots of Theatre productions and at the RSAMD and she wanted to get back into design.

So, in my experience in my BBC job (of helping people with CVs and careers), I suggested a few things she could do, some actions she could take and I also offered to help her with her CV, so that she could best show off who she is and why she’s so great.
That was on the 15th of February, and since then, I stayed up late one night working on her CV. Then I sent it to her, she updated it and we finished it off.

When I saw how much she’d done, and the number of things she’s done to make a living and a future as a scenic / designer in the theatre industry, I was truly impressed. And I wanted to help her get her story across to prospective employers, in a well laid out, well formatted, and punchy CV.

Then tonight (see the rainbow from today – a sign…?) I got this good news text from her:

Well deserved for Gemma, she really is a diamond and deserves this. So I’m well chuffed for her (and I’m happy I was able to help her.)

Just shows you what can happen when you put your mind to it and reach out to friends for help, and to companies for opportunities.

I have a feeling this will lead to bigger and better things for my loony friend Gemma.

Well done Gemma you little talented wee quine!

(Ps: yes, she’s from Aberdeen, and yes, she speaks funny).

Looking at our walk, Oran Mor was about half way in, maybe that’s a sign too? ;-P

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