Do you know yourself well?

At work, I came across a test in a careers section of our intranet… which linked to a website:

On the website, you sign in, and answer a number of questions, and at the end of the test, the response test, a report is provided which highlights your:

– Realised Strengths
– Unrealised Strengths
– Learned Behaviours
– Weaknesses

I’ve taken the test and a few others I know, have too and the results have been good.

Here are mine (which are almost disturbingly correct!) –

Realised Strengths:

Self awareness, Optimism, Pride, Scribe…

… Gratitude, Moral Compass, Service.

Unrealised Strengths:

Resolver (problem solver), Narrator, Change Agent.

Learned Behaviours:

Efficacy, Compassion, Growth, Counterpoint.


Listener, Strategic Awareness, Connector.

Fit Girl is always telling me I don’t listen … !

Anyone that knows me well (and hopefully you can read the descriptions in the images above), will know that it pretty much describes who I am, and very well too.

It can be a great way to get some insight into your strengths and weaknesses. And although it maybe takes a half hour to complete the test, I’d really recommend it (no commission here, I just like it).

It might help inform you when you’re writing your cv, or when you’re applying for jobs. What are you strengths that confirm that you are right for the job?

And you can download your copy as a pdf file and keep it for reference too.

What are you waiting for?

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