So many excuses …

I could have had so many excuses today – to get me out of doing my run … but I knew I’d do it, and this little sign ask was walking home, a lone runner, running past me, with one foot slapping the ground as she passed.

I think that picture will be my picture of the day. 🙂

Today, my excuses could have been:

It’s going to be raining.
It’s cold.
It’s dark.
I’m tired.
I’ve worked all day.
My glutes are sore from strength training.
I’m hungry (I wasn’t though said eaten).
Oh no, a hailstorm.
(Sorry for this one, but it’s true) I’ve got period cramps.

Id arranged to run with gill in the evening this time as I knew it’d be cold and icy in the morning. 6pm.

And with a full on day at work, i knew I wouldn’t get out for a lunch time run (plus it was meant to still be pretty cold at lunch time).

Then just before I was leaving work, I got this message from gill – perhaps another way to get out of my run?

Not me.

I’m glad i didn’t use any of my excuses. I was a little worried when I was in the car on the way to meet gill and the hail stones were pelting off the car. But they stopped as we started running.

Despite cramps at the start, we ended up doing a great run. 🙂

Nice and steady throughout, catching up with gill. Then when I left her after 6 miles I just seemed to fly back to the car.

The rain seemed to stop for us going out.

My cadence and heart rate went right up and I felt strong and fast. Avg HR was low at 140, even with the beasting I did in the last 2 miles.

No music, just my breath and my feet running along. 🙂 I felt like I could run on and on and on

Perhaps all of my running and my good sleep last night has done me good.

I love it when runs workout like that.

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