Food (and water) for thought

I didn’t get a chance to prep my lunches this weekend for this coming week, but today I made sure I had enough good food with me to last me the day, and give me enough energy for two strength workouts.

One before work and one after work. 🙂

I didn’t take any photos of my food before i ate it all, but here’s the aftermath:

630am Workout 1: 1 hour strength
During workout: water
730am After workout: water and breakfast of berries, walnuts, yoghurt and total breakfast, plus an oatcake, and a black coffee.

11am Snack 1: banana and peanut butter protein smoothie

1230pm: cheese and cherry tomatoes.

130pm: 2 x Protein balls (banana, peanut butter, protein powder, nuts). See pic below.

3pm: coffee (before workout).

4pm: oats, yoghurt and berries

415pm: …passed on work sweets….

430pm: pear

Plenty of water, maybe 4-5 750mls throughout the day.

6pm 30 minute gym workout.

730pm: quiche and veg and water.

Loads a food, and I promise, no Mars bars or snickers in sight.

I wonder how long I’ll keep this up for?

Fingers crossed the 3pm coffee doesn’t keep me awake tonight. Eeeeeek!

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