BBC Get Inspired Q&As

So… I’m meeting the BBC Sport Get Inspired Team before my lunchtime run on Friday.

I’ve been asked, as a ‘woman in sport’ to do a piece to camera where I’ll talk about what it’s like to be a woman in sport.

Here are the questions I’ll be asked (and a sneak preview of what my answers might be):

1) Give me one word that describes how you feel after/before being physically active

Before: Motivated

After: Invigorated

2) Tell me about your most emotional experience through sport or activity?

Running my first official marathon event in April 2011, Lochaber marathon, having raised money for Breast Cancer Care.

My good friend Emma had been diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year, just aged 34.

Then when I finished the marathon Emma was at the finish line (and I didn’t know she’d be there). I hadn’t seen her for a while and it was such a nice surprise.

Her hair was just grown in and very short, not looking like her at all but It was so good to see her. She was there with her family and my Dad, family and friends cheering me on and it was so special.

3) Describe your feelings at that time

It was an unseasonably hot day in April, beautiful scenery, but it was really hard torun in the heat. Especially after training all through winter.

But once I was finished I was really emotional meeting Emma, my Dad, my partner and my family after it.

It was such a great feeling of achievement and nice to have everyone cheering me in. My legs were so sore after though!

See more here:

4) Tell us about your biggest high & low experienced through physical activity or sport

High: Running my own Glasgow Marathon in Sept 2013. I’d really learned how to run well, using my heart rate as a guide (instead of pace), and I managed to beat my previous PBs by 10 minutes to finish in 3:28.

Low: on my 31st birthday, I planned to run 31 miles from where I was born in Thurso, to where I grew up in wick.

All along back roads, it was going well until 16 miles in, in the middle of no where when my knee started to get really sore. I ended up walk running the remaining 17 miles, and ended up injured for a few weeks.

5) Do you have an embarrassing sporting experience

Fainting in my local leisure centre after a workout, hitting my head on the floor and getting a big black eye (2 days before a funeral).

I had just done a strength workout and had finished an intense bike interval session. My blood pressure is low, and when I got off the bike, I didn’t feel too great, then woke up after I’d fainted.

I worked as a swimming instructor at the leisure centre, so all the staff knew me. It was a little embarrassing. But no real lasting damage.

6) What was the worst/best thing about PE when you were at school

Best: after school and lunch time sports clubs, I played in the net at hockey, and played with a bunch of boys at basketball.

Worst: Being hit by a hockey stick in the face when I was at high school, and getting blood on the newly laid floor!

7) Who inspires you to exercise and why?

My partner is very active and fit and healthy. She’s heavily into exercise, running and strength work and it motivates me to be fit and healthy too.

And I like arranging to run with others, friends, other runners or people I coach too, to get some motivation and chat. I’ve got some really good friends who I run with and its always good to catch up over a run.

The readers and followers of my blog Lorn Pearson Trains also inspire me to be active and train sometimes when I don’t want to. It’s nice to inspire others and it’s nice to receive feedback and questions from others too.

My Dad was always active when I was little too, walking lots and I’ve got three older brothers who always liked to be active and competitive.

8) Give me one good reason why women should build more physical activity into their lives

To be fit, happy and healthy!

Now… What will I wear??!

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