Wk6 into Wk7

This last week was good, 5 days exercise (including 4 run days so far), an active recovery / rest day on Saturday, then it’ll be long run half marathon training Sunday (11 miles). Below is the route I’ve planned:

The week so far has been a couple of social runs, 2 with Eileen from work, Monday and Friday, and one with Gill on Tuesday. Running with others really helps me get out of my bed, and it’s good to chat too. Sets you up for the day.

A lie in Wednesday morning, when I wrote my blog post about replacing bad habits with good ones:


Then on Wednesday night I managed to get a good 40 min strength session done. 🙂

And I even managed a 35 minute lunchtime speedwork session, running through a hail storm shower on Thursday which was fun. I had sore legs after strength training (squats) on Wednesday night, so I’ll blame that (and the wind) for only covering 4.47 miles, when my record for 35 mins is 4.65 miles.

So the week was:

Mon: 5.5M run wi Eileen
Tue: 5.1M run wi Gill
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 35 min speedwork (4.47M)
Fri: 4.7M run wi Eileen
Sat: Rest (30 min walk) and kids party
Sun: 11 miles long

Nearly 31 miles running, and 2 weeks to go until our half marathon (Balloch to Clydebank).

The 11 miles tomorrow will be the peak of our training plan, then our long run will reduce to 8 miles next weekend. I’m going to introduce fit girl to caffeine energy gels tomorrow too. 😀 6 miles, or about 50 minutes into our long run tomorrow.

The weather tomorrow is meant to be nasty… cold, wet and windy, with weather warnings. Oops. Although there might be a break in it between 8-10am:

The afternoon is meant to be pouring with rain so I think we’ll have an easy day after our run, which should take about an hour 40ish. Fingers crossed the weather isn’t too bad. We’ll be layering up and wearing a cap and gloves I think.

Maybe we’ll have pancakes after, and we might be lucky enough to snatch a nap tomorrow too. 😉

Then here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: Upper Strength (Gym)
Tue: 6M easy run
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: 5M easy run
Fri: 25 min speedwork (6×30:120)
Sat: Upper Strength (Gym wi Fit Girl)
Sun: 8M long run

No rest days, unless my body tells me I need it. (By Friday, after all that, I might be gubbed, 😉 and if I am, I’ll rest). That should do.

I feel like I got into a good routine this week and it’ll be good to continue next week.

I’ll maybe take another look at my goals too (now that our half marathon training is coming to an end, I sense more strength training perhaps).

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