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bounts 5I posted a few weeks ago on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page about Bounts:  where you can ‘earn rewards by being active’ – you can earn ‘Bounts’ and then use them towards gift vouchers / rewards to use on the High Street.

You get 15 points for an activity (where you work out for more than 20 minutes, and cover a certain distance (so sadly strength training doesn’t give you points).  And a real earner is when you ‘Refer a friend’ – you get 50 points for them signing up and 50 points when they log their first activity.

I wanted to leave it a few weeks before I posted it on here, to see if it was good and worthwhile – and after a few weeks, I think it is.  🙂

Bounts 2It’s a good little system… in 3 weeks, I’ve earned around 1200 points, where around 975 or 1200 points will get me a £5 voucher for a coffee shop or High Street store. 

Better than a poke in the eye or nothing at all… you can simply autmoatically earn points to get rewards through doing your every day exercise which is logged with a device!  (plus the referral points).

The only thing I would say is that it seems to be quite a new system… the website is a bit slow, and the app isn’t the best… but it’s due to be upgraded in early 2015, so hopefully it’ll all get a bit smoother soon. And hopefully, the more people use it – the better it’ll get. There’s also a Facebook page you can like here.

bounts 4There are a number of apps and devices which sync to give you Bounts….Fit Bit, Map My Run, Run Keeper and Strava.  Garmin isn’t one of them, but there’s a way around that. 

You can sync your Garmin activities to Run Keeper (and/or Strava), then you can sync your Run Keeper (and/or Strava) activities to Bounts. 

Now here’s the clever bit and how to sync your Garmin to Bounts.

  • I use Garmin to log all of my runs and activities. 
  • And I’ve also signed up to – a site which syncs Garmin to a number of other websites / tracking sites. 



My Garmin activites sync with Run Keeper and Strava automatically, because I’ve paid a few $ to tapiriik (for a year).  And you can sync your Garmin activities to all of the above sites.

voucherNow, I’ve got my Garmin activities syncing to both of those websites…and for some reason, each time I log my run (keep this one quiet…) I get double points – 15 from Run Keeper and 15 from Strava.  🙂

Once you earn enough points, you can spend them in loads of High Street Stores (or at least get reward / voucher cards).


Bounts3 refer

If you’d like to join up to Bounts, it’s simple and free…

1. Just download the app… or you can click here – and enter my referal code when you sign up: 


2. Then if you want to sync your Garmin activities to other sites… sign up to like I did.

bounts 6Free Costa or Starbucks coffees on me! (or at least earned via my activities!)

So what are you waiting for? 

Sign yourself up and spread the word!


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