Wk6 into Wk7

Last week had no strength training, but around 28 miles of running, and over 10 miles walking.

Mon: 6M Easy run
Tue: 5M Easy run + 7.2M coaching run
Wed: Rest (3M walking)
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 9.4M long run wi Fit Girl
Sun: 7M walk (lunch with Gemma)

4 rest days, including Sunday, but if I’m honest, the 2 hour walk in Sunday could probably qualify as a very active rest day.

I walked to the West End to meet Gemma (2 miles), had a good lunch at the Pelican, then walked 4 miles with her through Kelvingrove and the surrounding area. 1 mile home and I’d walked for around 2 hours (and around 15,000 steps!) – I’m knackered after it. Lol

The rest of the week was 4 runs, including a good new coaching session on Tuesday, and other runs with Eileen, Gill and Fit Girl. I missed the gym this weekend, but I did enjoy my afternoon with Gemma, it was much better than any gym workout.

I know Gemma from art school and she most definitely is one of a kind, and one of my most favourite people in the world.

I’m really enjoying meeting good friends, and must make an effort to keep up with them. Last week I met Kate and her daughter on Sunday, then Fiona for dinner when I was in Edinburgh and Gemma for lunch today.

Next week I plan to get more strength work mixed in with running, so here’s the plan:

Mon: 6M Easy run + PM Gym Strength
Tue: 5M Easy run
Wed: Strength (legs / home)
Thu: 35 min speedwork
Fri: Rest
Sat: Gym Strength? (Niece’s birthday)
Sun: 11M long run wi Fit Girl

I had quite a few rest days this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to get more into getting more training done next week. Starts tomorrow morning with a run with Eileen before work.

Oh and last thing… I think we’re going to do this when we’re on holiday in May…. Eeeeeeek!

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