Blueberry and walnut pancakes

Pancakes – they’re made of eggs, flour and milk, right? Not when you want healthy pancakes like the ones I made this morning.

I made some very tasty and healthy pancakes, a la Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight cook book. Packed full of protein and carbs, with no flour in sight.

(I changed the recipe slightly, by using the full eggs – why waste the yolks eh?, and added some protein powder).
– 4 eggs
– Oats (the same amount roughly)
– Low fat Cottage cheese (half the amount)
– 1 scoop of Total breakfast Protein powder

Mixed in my blender until smooth

Then I added:
– A tablespoon of baking powder
– 2 heaped tablespoons of chopped walnuts.

And mixed it all by hand in the mixer / bottle.

Then with some oil in a pan, on a moderate heat, I made 3 pancakes (probably could have made 4 thinner ones).

As they were cooking on the first side, I put the blueberries on them.

I even managed to flip them!! 😉 (excuse the pjs!)

I finished them off with some greek yoghurt.

Tasty. 🙂 (full of fuel and very filling!)

For you, just in time for Pancake Tuesday!

Ps: Don’t tell Fit Girl that there’s cottage cheese in them as she thinks she doesn’t like it!

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