Wk5 into Wk6

After a bumpy start to January (cough etc), last week was the first week I’ve really felt 100% and back to fitness. And February is looking like a good month already.

I’d planned an easier ‘cut back’ week last week (as part of the half m training), with less running mileage and more cross training.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 3.7M easy run (wi Eileen)
Wed: Split Strength workout (legs AM & PM)
Thu: 6M easy run (wi Eileen)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 30 min spin & Gym strength
Sun: 7.2M half marathon / long run wi FG

A couple of rest days (and I really needed it on Monday), 3 runs (no speedwork), 3 strength and one spin session. I’m still a little sore from strength work through the week / on Saturday, but apart from that, I’m good.

I was tempted to do a shorter workout at The Gym on Saturday, but ended up just changing it a little so I spent 30 mins doing a good full spin session + 50 mins strength (rather than 10 warm up spin + 65 mins).

(The fact I was able to do and enjoy the 30 mins of spin gave me a boost of confidence that I’m getting back to fitness. Spin really is a great cross training / workout.)

I’m really starting to feel strong with the strength training. Not sure how much difference it’s making to my body (except for my weight and body fat being down a minimally – since end Dec / Christmas:

– down 4.6lbs in wgt
– down 3.2% body fat
– or 4.2lbs of fat gone).

I’m feeling good, healthy and strong anyway, and I guess that’s the main thing. 🙂

Long may it continue. It’s nice to have a half marathon to focus on too. I’m eating well and reaping the rewards. (I’m also thinking I’m getting enough rest too).

This Sunday has been good, an hour run wi Fit Girl, a bit of relaxing (and eating) then seeing my old friend Kate and her daughter (who I haven’t seen for a long time).

Starting to forget about the tie that was Swimming Teaching (for so long a part of my life)! :-O

– / – / –

Last week, like buses, I’m pleased to say that I got 2 new running coaching clients for meto start to help out.

Both are experienced female runners – the one I’m meeting next week (Tues PM) is training to run her 3rd marathon (London), and the other is getting back into running after a while off.

It’ll be good to meet and get to know (and help / coach) two new clients in the coming months. 🙂 Looking forward to it.

Now for next week, here’s the plan:

Mon: 4M easy run
Tue: AM 5M easy run (PM run coaching 6M easy).
Wed: Rest (Edinburgh, 4M walk)
Thu: 35 min interval run (2:2)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 11M long run
Sun: Gym Strength

I’ve a full on work day in Edinburgh on Wednesday (meaning no time to train, but a good walk to and from the train), and an early work start on Thursday as I’m going to a school carers information session locally (to talk about getting a career at the BBC).

So next week I’ll have:

1-2 rest days
1 strength session (giving strength a bit of a rest next week)
4-5 runs (incl 1 coaching session).

(I might swap rest day on Friday for Monday, just see how it goes).

4 weeks to go until the Fit Girl (and I) runs the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon – and we’re possibly on for a sub 2 hour one.

(It’s her first one, so I’m just running with her to help her along).

Based on our run / pace today, nice and easy and strong, 1:58 something (unless Fit Girl’s knee goes, but the long runs have been promising do far – I think 3-4 spin sessions a week for her is strengthening her legs, and belong prevent her recurrent knee pain – I think!)

The next few weeks long runs (in prep for the half m will be:

15 Feb: 9 miles
22 Feb: 11.5 miles
1 Mar: 8.2 miles (13.1k).
8 Mar: Half Marathon event

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