February Strength Workouts

The last two weekends I’ve changed my strength training to focus more on upper body or a workout I can do at the gym and not at home.

I’ve got a good set up at home, with a squat rack, and Olympic barbell with 130kg of weights, a few kettlebells and some resistance bands.

But I can’t do pull ups and I don’t have a bench or dumbells, so I figured I could take advantage of the equipment at The Gym at the weekends when I go there with Fit Girl.

I was finding that doing big moves with heavy weights squats and deadlifts, was leaving me sore when I was running a day or two after, so something had to give.

Now here’s my strength training plan for February (remembering our half marathon is on 8th March, so we’ll be training for that too):

Gym strength workout
Focus on improving bench press and develop pull up and dips, get an all over workout (but only bodyweight for legs).

3 rounds, 10 reps each
1. DB Bench Press 2x14kg
2. BB Clean n Press 20kg
3. DB Bent over row singles 16kg
4. BB High Pull 25kg

3×10 reps each
– Lat Pull down 27kg
– Asst Pull up 27kg
– Asst Dip 27kg

3 rounds, 10 reps each
1. Press ups
2. Box Jumps with Squat
3. BW Squats
4. Sledgehammer 15kg

Split day legs workout
Focus on working legs and form, be careful not to cause soreness to impact on running (lighter weights if required). Two workouts in one day, morning and evening, alternating which one I do in the morning as the weeks go on.

Morning workout
– Back Squat 8/6/4/8/6/4/8, 41/46/51kg- Shoulder Press 3×10, 21kg
– Front squats 3×10, 31kg
– Plank 5x30s

Evening workout
– Deadlift 8/6/4/8/6/4/8, 46/51/56kg
– Bent Over Row 3×10, 36kg
– Romanian Deadlift 3×10, 36kg
– Press ups 5×10

After today I’ll maybe drop the squat and deadlift weight, by 5kgs to start again the next time I do it. And hopefully I won’t be too sore after it. We’ll see.

With all if my strength work I’ll aim to increase the load week by week.

Now I can’t decide what my photo of the day will be. :-/ (out of the one below and the two above!)

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