Wk5, rest with no guilt

Today I’d planned a longish easy run at lunchtime, then had a PT swim coaching session planned in the evening.

I’d run 10 miles yesterday which was ok, but I was feeling DOMS from Saturday today, in my shoulders and hamstrings.

First thing, the guy I was going to coach cancelled, and as the morning went on, I decided I wasn’t up for a run today.

My legs are a bit tender, and I’m tired – hence the reaction last night, after it all, a good busy weekend full of training and plenty eating.

And if I’m to be honest with myself today, I probably need a rest day. So by lunchtime, instead of my run, I had my lunch instead and got on with work instead.

I let any guilt I was feeling, slip away, and just got on with my rest / work day instead. I just need to rejig my week instead.

So here’s the plan instead this week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 4M easy run (lunchtime)
Wed: Strength (legs split day)
Thu: 5M easy Run (AM)
Fri: 35 min 6×2:2 (lunchtime)
Sat: Strength (upper)
Sun: 6M easy run wi Fit Girl

That’ll do. All good.

Ps: I might chicken out of the legs strength, I’ll just see how I get on. I want to place importance on running so I’ll take the week as it comes / see how I feel. 🙂

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