Rainbow omelette

I like eating eggs, but I never used to like omelettes. I didn’t like the texture and they tended to be a bit bland. I’ve obviously been getting them made for me all wrong in the past. 😉

Today, I made a magic massive rainbow omelette (it was possibly a bit too big, but I managed to eat it ok, after my long run).

Here’s are the ingredients of my colourful, rainbow omelette:

– 5 cherry tomatoes, halved (red)
– Half an avocado (green)
– A handful of blueberries (blue)
– A pear (yellow)
– Cathedral city cheese, grated (yellow)
– Pine nuts
– Sunflower seeds
– 4 eggs, a bit of butter and some milk
– Salt and pepper

The mixture was probably enough for two seconds, but I figured after my 10 mile run there was no harm in refueling. 😉

(There was probably a bit too much cheese on it too!)

I need to practice making them, but probably if there were half as much ingredients, it would be easier to cook and flip over / halve.

I thought I might not be able to manage it, but greedy guts Pearson ate the lot! I might be full until tomorrow now! 😉

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