Week 4 & Weekend workouts

I had a good productive week so far, the only downer of it was that on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday, on Thursday I thought it was Friday and who know what day today is. 😉 it’s been a bit of a long week.

So far this week I’ve done:

Mon: 25 min intervals 3.28M run (8×1:1s)
Tue: 6.6M easy run
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 35 min intervals 4.65M run (10×1:1s)

Now for this weekend, looking at the weather, Sunday maybe looks like the sunnier day so we’ve decided to run our 10 miles then, hopefully give some of the snow a chance to thaw out? Maybe?

Saturday looks pretty chilly, and cloudy, so it’s a gym workout again (similar to last Saturday).

A 10 min warm up on the bike, then the following weights, keeping up the intensity:

Hopefully building upper strength, and staying away from heavy weighted leg work so I don’t break my legs for our run on Sunday. 10 miles will be enough to give my legs a good workout.

Fingers crossed it’s a nice day. It’s certainly looking sunny, for our 10 miler, 5 weeks out from the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon.

Next week it will be a cut back easier week, to 6 or 7 miles for our long run before we build our mileage up again. And I’ll maybe get some squat and / or deadlift strength in too next week (if I’m lucky?)

Ps: I took one of those silly tests online today, am I am optimist, a realist or a pessimist?

An optimist – who knew? Lol.

Butterflies, sunshine, rainbows and Disney birds. :-). (Not seen a unicorn yet though…)

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