Skinny – In a good way…

After my run today – 35 mins, 10 min warm up then 10 nasty 1 min reps of effort, 1 min recovery, then 5 mins cool down – someone at work said I was skinny, but in a good way. 😉 perhaps slim is another word for it?

(4.65 miles covered by the way, further than before, yay!)

How do we define skinny or slim?

Well, she was looking at me in my black knee length shorts, and small tops. So she just looked at me and must have thought it.

But here’s a good way to measure it (I’ve written about it before, and I think it’s s great measure, better than BMI):

Waist to height ratio
(With guidance % below)

Put simply, you divide the circumference of your waist, by your height. (I did mine in cm). 41%, so ‘very slim.’ That’ll do.

On a tactio health app, you can enter the details and get a measure like above.

I guess normal is the goal for most?
So between 46-49%.

Now. I’d better keep eating my mars bars.


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