Wk3 into Wk4

In a week of lovely sunrises, and snow and ice until Friday, my training didn’t exactly go to plan, but I still managed to get 2 runs, 2 strength training sessions and three rest days in.

This was the calm and cool view I had on my walk to work on Monday morning.

Then this was the stunning sunrise at 8:20am on Tuesday morning. I’ve truly never seen anything like it and I’m so glad I went to work early that day.

I was up and at work early because I hadn’t managed to get up for my workout, so thought I’d get up half an hour earlier than I normally would to get a good day in at work.

I’d failed my planned workout on Monday, both in the morning, and at night as I was pooped. Then on Tuesday I decided, enough was enough and id leave work on time and get a good strength workout done on Tuesday. And I did. 55 minutes of it.

Strength at home, squats, deadlifts, sledgehammers, press ups. 🙂

Here’s what I ended up doing the whole week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Strength (lower)
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest (aaaarrggg!! Let me run!!)
Fri: 8.5M easy run
Sat: 1:10 strength (upper)
Sun: 8M easy run wi Fit Girl

I’d planned runs on Wednesday and Thursday, but there was still thick ice everywhere outside and I couldn’t face a dreadmill run, so opted for rest days instead. I was itching to run on Thursday but decided the snow and ice would put stop to that and I was better off resting.

I knew the weather would warm up and it would all thaw out by Friday, so I held off til then. Friday night, Fit Girl was out all night so I took the opportunity to run, and remind myself how to run. It felt good.

Bright and warm on my Friday night run, along the Clyde, under the stars, up through the Gorbals, and up Cathcart Road. I’m used to running in the dark around that area, but it tends to be early in the morning before anyone’s up. Friday night was odd as there were people about.

Id planned to do about 6 miles but the conditions were good, and I felt good so I continued along nithsdale road and back down towards the Clyde to finish having done a nice steady 8.5 miles.

The Pizza for dinner was 732 calories, so I’d burned a total of 11 calories with my run. 😉 got to fuel I guess. I refrained from the ice cream at least. 😉

Saturday it was sheet black ice outside so we went to The Gym instead of even contemplating a run. I did have a speedwork session in my head, but I’ll do that on Monday instead. I did the above upper strength workout which has left my upper body a little tender today. 😉

I finished the week with a nice easy 8 miler with Fit Girl on Sunday morning. The start of our half marathon training. We’re doing the balloch to Clydebsnk half marathon in 6 weeks time. Fit Girl’s first half marathon (due to an ongoing knee problem that she’s had for years). No niggles today which is good. Next long run will be 10 miles next weekend.

A wee drive to adventurise and get lunch in a cafe some place today, before I’m going to make a steak stir fry tonight which I’m looking forward to.

Next week, here’s the plan:

Mon: AM 25 min Speedwork / PM Strength
Tue: Run
Wed: AM swim / PM Strength
Thu: Run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Strength
Sun: 10M easy run wi Fit Girl

(Looking at that training load, Wednesday night become a rest day since I’ve been on the go since Friday)

I’m going to see about getting some shorter strength sessions in through the week, mostly body weight stuff for legs, weighted work for upper. And 4 runs, and a swim if I can drag myself to the pool. We’ll see if that happens!

Oh and I’ve been doing the 1 photo a day thing since the start of the year, here’s the result:

You can like my photos page on Facebook here if you want: http://www.facebook.com/Onephotoaday2015

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