Up down up down up down

I’ve been using my Withings Wifi scales to measure my weight and bodyfat daily. I just stand on them first thing and they wifi the information to my withings online account and app. I really like them and even persuaded my brother to get a set.

I wouldn’t normally recommend weighing yourself every day, as in some cases it can cause a bit of an obsession or can determine people’s moods (down if the scale shows an increase, up if the scale shows a decrease), but I’ve managed to get to a point with my weight that I’m just seeing it as a result of what I’m going.

The automatic graphs are cool too.

And the result is, very much, up down up down up down. 😉 There’s a pattern of up at the end / beginning of the month, then down. That’s what being a woman does to you / me.

A focus on eating and training better In July, led to a good drop, then a few illnesses, rest and a holiday in October, and bit of christmas also led to a bit of an up too. Back to where I started at the end of June, around 129lbs.

I like to be around 124lbs, or 12-13% body fat. (On the withings wifi scales you can select an ‘athlete’ option, and it gives me a rather low body fat % of around 12-16% body fat %. Whereas the ‘normal’ bodyfat measure gives me a % range of about 24-28% bodyfat.)

I chose the athlete mode, as although I don’t think my body fat % is 13%, I think it’s (probably around 18-20%) closer to 13% than it is to 28% body fat (having looked at pictures guiding what female bodies with various body fat measures look like).

Either way it’s measured, as long as I continue to use the same measure, I’ll see the change / results. 13% will do for this ‘athlete’ eh? 😉

Anyway, here’s my progress since the end of December – having settled down back into daily life and work, and after another illness (cough), 15 days of rest, and 12 days of training (runs and strength):

A good overall loss of 6lbs, close to my sweet spot of 124lbs. And a drop in body fat of 1.5%. That’ll do. 😀

I’ve been trying to make better choices with food, tasty salads when I’m out, and more veg, less / no white carbs. Smoothies and berries and yogurt.

Training hasn’t been as regular as I’d wanted, with 6 days full rest at the start of the year, and a missed weekend (rest) last weekend with the snow. But it seems to be working. So all good.

Finally, here’s a rainbow from today:

My weight will no doubt go up in the next week or so. Up down up down up down.

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