The Magic of Thinking Big

I bought this audio book recently, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz. – and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it.

Amazon says it was published in 1996, but listening to it, it sounds like a cheesy throw back from the 70s, complete with bad Casio piano tunes between sections. 😉

It might be cheesy, but it talks a lot of sense. So much so I might just buy the paperback too!

It talks a lot about mindset and motivation, taking action to achieve your goals, being nice to people and tuning into the positive channel, or Channel P instead of Channel N, the negative channel. It talks about how to change the way you think to get the best results for you.

Another part I like was about your health. It says, when someone asks you how you are, they don’t really want to know. They’re just being polite. The only two people you should tell about your health are your doctor and your mortician! If you tell anyone else you’re ill, you’ll spread a bit of death each time you tell someone. Lol.

(Whereas if you tell people you’re ok, and you tell yourself you’re ok, you’re likely to be).

I’m liking the book anyway. 🙂 here’s a synopsis:

It’s making me feel like I’m listening to a tape on my Walkman as I walk to work… or is that too advanced for the 70s? I forget.

So who’s gonna download and listen to this audiobook too?

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