Running is my FIX

Good news: Running this week seems to have helped me. I’ve had ti change tact a bit, to get over my aversion to the dark mornings and dark nights, but running has helped me. 🙂

Here was the plan at the start of the week – I wanted to do an easy 5 miler on Monday.

But I struggled. I struggled to get out of bed on Monday morning. Use any number of excuses, I might be ill, I’m tired, it’s dark, it’s cold, I’ve not had enough sleep. I’ll do it tonight.

It just wasn’t happening. And I didn’t run after work either. I had a sore head all day, a sinus headache that just didn’t seem to be shifting.

I thought a run would help but I couldn’t even face it after work. I made a run appointment with myself for 6pm on Monday, but with Fit Girl at the gym, I ended up feeling sorry for myself and went to bed instead. :-O

I needed a new tact, a new way to get my run done. The darkness was the problem, so I decided to do things differently on Tuesday.

I scrapped my planned bodyweight workout and decided to do a run at lunchtime instead. In about an hour early for work, to set things up and get plenty work done before going out for a run at lunch (plus the changing time and eating my lunch).

I ran in the daylight, music up loud, and it worked. Running up St Vincent St, all of the pedestrian crossings seemed to be in my favour, and nearly every pedestrian moved out of my way or let me past.

The wind was making it tough, but it was ok. My heart rate was higher than normal, but I was feeling fine. I was feeling good in fact. See the splits and heart rate below, I just ran free and eased up when I thought I should.

I went back into work after lunch and I felt like I’d worked hard. I had a shower, got changed and had my lunch. My sinus headache was all cleared, I felt the endorphins from the run, and I felt like I’d achieved something.

Then at about 3pm my tickly cough reappeared. A tickly cough that’s annoying (and not normal), but the sinus headache was gone and I felt like the run had FIXED me. 🙂

I looked on my Garmin that evening and my vo2 Max estimate (how well I use oxygen) had improved by one point to 52. (It was 55 when I was fit as F when I did the Belfast marathon). I felt like I was back on track.

The lunchtime run worked well, and I know I’m having a rest day on Thursday, so I planned another lunchtime run on Wednesday. Shorter and easier this time.

I planned 5k, but felt good on the run so confined to add another 10 or so minutes to the run. 7k in total. 🙂

Now Thursday will be a good active rest day with maybe 4 miles walking between home, railway stations and work.

I’ll see how I feel on Friday and maybe try to get an easy short run or a short speedwork session, then I’ll see how I am for the weekend.

I am back. 🙂

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