I HATE snow!

I’ll let you into a secret, I hate snow. Well, more specifically, I hate ice and cold, but when it snows it’s usually cold and it sometimes freezes and thaws then re freezes causing ice. Which mean I either can’t run, shouldn’t run, or choose not to run.

I’m also starting hate how short the days are in winter… Hurry up Springtime!

This morning it was cold outside, just above freezing. I’d missed my run yesterday as I didn’t feel quite right, but I really feel like I need a run fix. A fix of a run, and a run to hopefully fix me.

So this morning at 6am I woke to it being cold outside. It wasn’t wet, but not long after it started SNOWING. Luckily here, it tends not to lie, so fingers crossed it just stays cold with no lying snow.

I really want my running fix, so instead of running in the dark this morning, I’d get up half an hour earlier, go into work earlier and do a run at lunchtime.

So it’ll be a long shift at work where I’ll get lots done, and I’ll go out for my run at 1230 (as long as I have no meetings in).

It looks like from the weather it’ll brighten up at lunchtime, so fingers crossed it’s ok to run in. I’ll take my running stuff with me, wrapped up warm, and maybe I’ll even bring my sunglasses. 😉

My Dad is away to South Africa this week, for 8 weeks. Weather is to be 28-32’C. I asked him if he had room in his case for me, but he hasn’t replied yet. I’m still hopeful. 😉 ha.

I can’t wait for Spring, a bit more warmth and longer days!

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