Wk1 into Wk2

In a week where most people maybe started getting back into things after a possibly over indulgent festive period, I was trying to be careful to ease myself back into training.

I’d had a cough / sore throat / not feeling 100% since Tuesday 30th January, so I took that week as a good rest week, only walking and trying to eat well.

I thought I could take some time out to have a refocus on the food I was going to eat, and the training I’ll do to help me get back to health and back to training.

So in the last week, I got my food together and charted it on My Fitness Pal to see what my ratios were. Most days I was coming in under calorie goal, especially those where I did a little walking, or running.

So I know what I should be eating and am looking at eating quite a high proportion of good fats and proteins and getting my carbs from veg where I can. I want food just to become a regular habit, with good choices over bad to fuel me. (Ie more veg and good stuff, less sugar).

Here’s my food plan as published earlier in the week:


One thing I am going to do is have ‘green smoothies’ or ‘berry smoothies’ more regularly (daily) as a way to consume more veg. I’ll write more about that once I get going with it and try some out.

Back to this week’s get back into it gently:

After a Monday off work, my first thing to do on Tuesday was to go see my GP. I wouldn’t normally go see him for a sore throat / cough, but since something has been ongoing since August, I thought, enough is enough.

I went through what’s been happening, all not too serious but just underlying and annoying, still able to work etc: August: 3 weeks of a strange viral infection, nauseous & tickly cough. September: 1 week of a cold.
October: Fainted due to low BP, hospital, blood tests which came back ‘normal’. November: 3 weeks of a snottery cold.
December: 2 weeks of a tickly cough.

All in all, very annoying – 8 weeks out of about 20 where I’ve not been right. I just want to be back to normal. So he’s given me a throat spray, and will take bloods on Monday (that will possibly find back normal).

I’m feeling ok, especially in work, mind taken off it and all. It’s just annoying that it seems to come and go. Enough moaning, back to how I’m going to get back to health.

This last week I’ve taken it easy training wise, just trying out different activities to hopefully get me back into it.

A nice easy run on Wednesday, I felt fine, walks to and from work, and strength on Thursday I felt good. The treadmill run on Saturday wasn’t much fun, and I did a kind of run for 20 mins, walk for 5, but I think that had more to do with the mental fight of being on the treadmill.

The bad weather has put me off too, but maybe that’s a good thing, forced rest. Here’s what I’ve done this week:

Mon: Rest (walks)
Tue: Rest (walks)
Wed: 4M easy run wi Fit Girl
Thu: Strength
Fri: Rest
Sat: 5.5M / 57 mins easy treadmill run
Sun: Rest

All of that plus the usual non exercise activity, I apparently climbed 22 flights of stairs on Friday, up and down between the 1st and 4th floors in work.

My training last week is just how I’ve wanted it to be, a good mixture of strength, easy running and plenty rest. Lots of good food, sleep and even a wee night / meal out with the family on Sat night to finish it off. 🙂 out with stinky boys. 😉

Now the plan for next week. I’ll continue with big breakfasts of berries and greek yoghurt, a green smoothie, and then a Greek salad for lunch.

I’ve got Edinburgh with work on Thursday, and I’m meeting a friend on Tuesday night, but apart from that, the rest is free.

So here’s the plan I’ve set for next week (and that was planned for last):

(See here for the overall plan:)

Here’s what I’m going to do (to take Edinburgh on Thursday into consideration):

Mon: 5 mile easy run
Tue: Home Strength
Wed: AM Swim (PM optional 3-4M run)
Thu: Rest
Fri: 25 min speedwork
Sat: Gym (spin / strength)
Sun: 6M Easy

I might ditch the swim in favour of an easy run instead, I’ll just see how I feel.

Oh and I’ll try to get some more sleep next week too:
9pm will be when I’m thinking about going to bed hopefully, ready and maybe in bed by 930pm.
Asleep by or before 10! = at least 8 hrs sleep. (It’s been a bit higgledepiggeldy this week).

I posted my goals for 2015 this week too, I’ll maybe expand on them as I go. 🙂

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