Smoothie Sunday

One of my goals this year is to ‘eat more veg’ so today I thought I’d try out a new smoothie recipe. I’m going to have a green smoothie most days to ‘get my greens’.

I got a new book, written by Carrie Brown, the English chef who went over to America and hooked up with Jonathan Bailor and his Smarter Science of Slim. There are a lot of good recipes, to make veg great and make some good green smoothies.

It’s got a whole section on ‘green smoothies’ so here’s one of them (which turned out to be mainly brown)… which I added a few more veg into. It’s not specifically to the recipe in the book, but it’ll do.

Here’s the ingredients:

A few large handfuls of spinach
70g chocolate protein powder
A few handfuls of frozen berries
300mls boiling water

I whizzed it all up for a bit, then added some:

Cooked carrots
A stick of celery, sliced up
A bit more water

(I HATE celery by the way, but I figured I could hide it).

It’s enough for two portions, so one for today and one for tomorrow morning at work. 🙂

I had mixed berries / summer fruits, but I think I’ll just get frozen raspberries next time – less bits.

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4 Responses to Smoothie Sunday

  1. Jill Hamilton says:

    You have quite an influence! I looked up your active blender on Amazon after reading this post yesterday morning and it was selling for £20 (a saving of £9.99). When I went back to look at it last night it had gone up to £24.99! Silly me for hesitating :-). I have a Magic Bullet but don’t find it so good for chopping frozen fruit. How do you find the Breville one?


  2. Jill Hamilton says:

    So it is! That’s bizarre. Must be a sign then I reckon! Thanks Lorn 😃

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