Making the most of Sunday 1

Having resigned from swimming teaching after over 13 years, I’m conscious that I want to make the most of Sundays now.

Last Sunday I was still on leave, so it didn’t really feel like a Sunday, so today was my first trial.

My goal: Making the most of Sundays.

It didn’t seem to start too well after I woke up at the end of a dream, where I’d ‘popped into’ swimming teaching to see if it was going ok. And of course, I lent a hand. Lol.

I woke up and realised I’m no longer doing that and felt a strange sense of freedom from all of the politics that seemed to exist. 4pm came and I ended up going for a nice nap instead of having to be elsewhere.

Anyway, here’s how a productive Sunday went:

Sunday 11th Jan –
– Lie in (after 9 hrs sleep),
– Wrote my weekly training blog,
– Food prep: lunches for next week – my kinda greek salad wi extra veg, and strawberries for breakfast all chopped up.

– Lunch at Ingleston with family to celebrate an anniversary. Flowers bought by me for them.

– Really tasty chicken n goats cheese salad with a side of veg (which we didn’t get charged for). 🙂

– Listened to day 5 of the Calm app.
– Had a 1.5 hour nap.

– Smoothie making fun. 🙂 (and a quick blog about it)

A pretty productive and social day after all. 🙂

Loads of my goals ticked off today:
– Eat more veg.
– Food prep (eat well for health).
– Spend time with people.
– Write good blog content.
– Nap time for health/recharge. 😉
– Make the most of Sundays.


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