Food prep for next week

Who says avocados are good? They’re awful messy, hard to prep and I’m not sure I even like them! Full of natural fats, I’ll see if it tastes nice in a salad, fingers crossed. Best to give them a try eh?

Anyway, here’s my lunch bowl for the next week: Greek salad with a few extras

In each bowl:

Cucumber (1/4 of a whole one, sliced and halved)
Cherry tomatoes (4, halved)
Olives (about 8)
Sliced red onion (pinch full / 20g)
Feta cheese (around 50g)
Avocado (1/4 of a whole one, sliced)
Pine nuts (5g)
Sprinkle of balsamic vinegar

Around 300 cals, about two thirds of which is healthy fats, which should keep me full hopefully.

One of my snacks will be grapes and cheese (cathedral city), another will be a spinach, pineapple and carrot smoothie. And I might have some berries as well in that other compartment.

Back to work and back to normal tomorrow. I think I’m going to miss my 9-10 hour sleeps I’ve been having! 😉

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2 Responses to Food prep for next week

  1. cmmercer says:

    Will that chopped Avocado last until the fourth day? That’s impressive

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