Eating Right

Do you need someone like this?

I’m pretty good at having my food planned and prepped and at least having ideas of what healthy is. But my weak spot is usually when Fit Girl has something sweet to eat and offers me a bit too. Or after dinner when Habit tells me I think I deserve a sweet treat.

Sweets and chocolate (especially Mars bars) and Ice cream are most definitely my downfall when it comes to food.

This year so far, 3 days in, day 1 healthy eating was spoiled by me eating a mars bar after dinner, and day 2 was spoiled by me eating some roses chocolates, not 1 or 2, but 5! Day 3 I managed to refrain from eating chocolate. Phew.

The truth is, I’m a greedy ba$tard who eats a lot, and who’s been brought up to believe that nothing should be off limits, as long as you have it in moderation. Want a fish supper? Fine, just don’t have one every night or every week. And if you want crappy or sweet calorific food, burn it off, right?

Not so right. Why choose to eat crappy sweet foods that aren’t good for you? Because they taste SO good. And afterall, I’m a runner, I can eat what I want. But what if eating them will make you fat, or will make you go off course from your goals of becoming healthy? What then?

Well, it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating right. Instead of eating crappy foods that are high in sugar, go for healthy, natural nutritious foods that are high in nutrients, low in calories (comparatively) and are tasty too.

After reading the primal blueprint, this is my plan: Meat, fish, eggs, veg, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds.

Primal eating, the way we were designed to eat, see more here:

I just ate a 600 calorie breakfast, full of nutrients, protein and fat…. the Berry breakfast below. That should keep me going for some time… and no weetabix in sight.

If my goal is to get as healthy as I can, I should be eating good foods, not ones full of sugar and crap (same goes if the goal is weight loss). How important is it to you? Make it important.

So how do you keep to a plan, stick to a plan of how you want to eat? Planning and preparation helps.

Here are my list of foods, if it’s not on there, I won’t eat it.

(Or maybe I will sometimes, like pizza, but I’ll choose a thin base and a tasty healthy topping – but I’ll make sure I’ve exercised to earn it.). 😉

These lists are not exhaustive and more like the majority of foods I’ll eat and like.

Lunch options (prepped each week in a Tupperware box and stored in the fridge):

Dinner options:

Snack options:

Chinese takeaway options:

And if I’m out for dinner, say Italian, I’ll go for a greek salad, or a goats cheese salad. Or maybe a pizza if I fancy it. Out for scottish food? Go for fish or steak and veg. Or eggs or meat.

I’ll drink plenty of water and if we’re out for coffee I’ll have an Americano, hold the milk, of a green tea. And some mixed nuts. And water.

It’s not about denial, it’s about substituting crappy foods (and drinks) for the healthiest and most nutritious foods on offer. Reducing sugar and replacing it with real food.

Really taking care to get and be healthy.

It’s about making better choices. Thinking about what you’re putting in your mouth and choosing the best option for you goals.

Soon I’ll be posting how I intend to train to get as healthy as I can be (I’ll start the training plan once I’ve got rid of this cough).

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