Time to get healthy

Here goes, I’ve kept this quiet, as I don’t like to moan too much, but the dreaded lurgy is back in me again.

Here in a different form this time, no snotters this time (touch wood), but on Monday or Tuesday I got the start of sore throat and a rather annoying light, shallow, tickly cough

It’s beginning to get VERY annoying, as soon as I get rid of some bug, I get back into training, and then something else knocks me. Right now I’m on these, menthol and eucalyptus lockers which seem to be the only thing relieving the cough.


Going way back to August 2014, something is clearly not going away, and there’s almost a pattern to it. I’m doing what I can when it comes back (resting from exercise, eating well, drinking and sleeping lots)… But it still keeps coming back and annoying me.

Now I’ve had a cough for about 5 days or so, and it gets worse at night.


Here’s the history of whatever it is:

August 2014 – I ran 10 miles of the Strathaven Lucas Memorial Relay, and was really dehydrated after it. Then it was the start of an odd tickly cough and sickness feeling which lasted around 3 weeks.

End Sept – 1 week of a snottery cold before we went on holiday (and it magically disappeared).

End Oct – I fainted and hit my head / low blood pressure…. related to the above or just coincidence? I don’t know. Bloods got tested and they were ok.


End Nov – 3 weeks of a horrible snottery cold which took ages to clear.

End Dec – an annoying cough which is … Very annoying and keeping me (and Fit Girl) awake at night.

To say I’m fed up with it is an understatement, but I have taken the sensible route and quit exercise so far in 2015. 3 days of rest so far, and I think it’s getting better. I’m just hoping the dreaded snotters don’t return!

Everyone else has started exercising in 2015, and I’m resting. 😉

I’ve arranged a wee appointment with my GP on Tuesday, not that I think he’ll be able to do anything except maybe test my bloods again.

I’ve been reliably informed that three not much that can be done for a viral infection that we think this probably is. Looks like I’m just going to have to ‘man up’ and get better.

So my first goal of 2015, what’s it going to be?

Goal 1. Get really healthy (eat well, train, recover, rest no colds / bugs).

How will I do it?

– Eat well (incl plenty of colourful veg), take a multivitamin (incl C and zinc) and omega 3s.
– Sleep plenty, drink plenty water and rest and recover.
– Train easy, listen to my body, rest up if required.
– Go to GP to check if there’s anything they can do (possibly not).

And if all that doesn’t work, I’ll get myself put down. 😉 Only kidding. I’ll tie my cape on tighter and fly away from the bugs.

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