Sleep Analysis

The new Apple Health app allows you to record the hours you sleep, along with lots of other measures (some of which can be linked to from other apps / sources, some which is recorded via the movement of the phone – ‘Flights Climbed’ is one I like).

I had been recording my sleep using sessions on my Nike FuelBand but it tends to use lots of data, and all my data got wiped when I got upgraded, which was a bit annoying! My average sleep was wiped too.

The health app seems to be just as good as nike and will hopefully keep all of the data in it too. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that sleep has been a bit of a challenge for me in the last few years (as it is for many).

Insomnia, lying awake for hours, not being able to sleep, or waking up at 2:47am and getting up as I can’t sleep. But it’s been better since I’ve started tracking my sleep, placing an importance on sleep and getting a good sleep routine.

Usually I get between 7-9 hours sleep, longer at the weekends. And even longer when I’m on holiday…

My average hours of sleep since I’ve been off work is just over 9:30!!

I wish I could get this much sleep when I work, but the only way to do it would be to be in bed / sleeping for 9pm (I’m up early training usually). I might try 9pm bedtimes … (It’s hard enough getting to bed at 10pm sometimes!).

We’ll see what 2015 brings. 🙂

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