Little changes: Cauliflower Rice

One of my main challenges with my food is the weekly Chinese Takeaway that Fit Girl enjoys and gets. I don’t particularly love Chinese food, but it’s alright, a as Fit Girl has it routinely, it makes sense for me to have it too.

In the past I’ve tended to switch between chicken satay, Kung po chicken, chicken and cashew nuts and chicken, green peppers and black bean sauce. But recently I came across beef, green peppers and black bean sauce, which is yummy (and one of the healthier options on the menu).

I don’t particularly like the rice I have with it, usually fried, but I eat it because, what else is there? I tried ordering veg instead of rice, but it didn’t taste great and was pretty expensive too. Time for a change.

I wasn’t going to give up having the Chinese meal with Fit Girl, but instead I was thinking of choosing a healthier option.

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while – Cauliflower Rice (instead of boiled or fried Chinese rice). Reading the Primal Blueprint and the New Year was the push I needed to try it out for once.

Instructions below for one serving:

1. Get around 300g of frozen cauliflower.

2. Boil it for around 8 minutes.

3. Drain ALL of the water from it and add a generous amount of salt and pepper (I did 8 twists each of my salt and pepper grinders).

4. Then serve.

It was a little watery, so it could probably do with a wee heat in the pan to dry it off a bit, but it gave a really good moisture to the meal below.

Beef, green peppers and black bean sauce on cauliflower rice. 🙂 very tasty.

And now comes the detail… So instead of eating rice, I’m eating a vegetable instead.

The cauliflower is low in calories, and has no fat, and low carbs in comparison to rice (16g compared to 67g carbs in rice).

It also has a load of vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients too, so …

Here’s the rice stats… note it has a lot more sodium / salt too.

The cauliflower rice is also almost 300 calories less than the fried rice, so a meal that was previously 8-900 calories, is now 5-600 calories roughly. Once a week.

If I’m out at a chinese restaurant I’ll ask for broccoli, pak choi or veg instead of rice.

These stats are the back up I need to spend a little more time making my own cauliflower rice (and the dishes it creates) than buying and eating fried rice from a chinese takeaway.

If you keep doing the same thing, again and again, you’ll keep getting the same results. Little changes, bit by bit, all add up.

Looks like I’ll be buying more frozen cauliflower!

Now I’m going to think if some other swaps I can make to include more veg and nutrition in my food intake.

Any ideas? Please comment below or on my Facebook page:

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