Hold onto the good and lovely

In 2014, someone said this at a rather poignant point in the year:

Hold onto to the things that were good and lovely and true. And if there are things to leave in the past, let’s leave them there and let them go.

Today is a new start. Hold on tight to the things that are good and lovely and true, and leave what’s meant to be in the past there.

Don’t make resolutions, resolutions don’t tend to work and get forgotten by February.

Make changes in your life forever, or make improvements on what is already good. Make your life what you want it to be by making the best possible choices.

Make a commitment to become the best version of you. You can start today, and continually improve.

If you need any help setting goals for 2015, here are some of my posts about goals:

What will you do and who will you become in 2015?

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