A tidy start to 2015

We took the opportunity, on this rather dreich first day of 2015, to tidy all of the Christmas decorations away and tidy and clean everywhere.

And I tidied up my drawers and wardrobe too. 🙂

My many many pairs of multi coloured trainer socks…

My hundreds of running / workout vests and buffs … organised into piles depending on what I use the vests for: gym / running / under layers.

Then my 10 pairs of running shorts, plus my legging shorts etc and heart rate monitor straps.

Then the wardrobe. I got rid of a bagful to a charity shop too. 🙂

Everything is now at hand. And things will be a lot easier to find from today onwards (not that it was all that bad before, but OCD Fit Girl didn’t like it!).

Now for some dinner – steak pie n veg. 🙂

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