How I did with my 2014 goals

2014 has been a bit of a strange one, a couple of races, a couple of deaths, a virus and couple of illnesses and a bump on the head. A few events, a couple of holidays, a few day trips, and a change in direction in giving up swimming teaching after over 13 years.

It’s been a bit of an odd one, but plenty of activity – over 1,000 miles run (87,000 calories burned), over 400 miles walking (including walking to work), 13 swims, 36 Strength training sessions and a few cycles. At least 120,000 calories burned.

Hardly much to write home about, however I did run 1,000 miles, kept active and rested / recovered when I needed to. And I helped coach around 4 or 5 people and taught quite a few kids and adults to swim too, finishing off with the cutest card and some lovely presents from those I helped. 🙂


Here were my goals and how I did with them:

My fitness goals

1. Get Leaner and Stronger (and reduce body fat). – attempted and kept steady.
– I did 36 strength sessions all year, around 3 per month, more during the winter months. I did get stronger, but my weight and body fat remained pretty stable.

2. Run a 5k faster – not done
– 2014 confirmed with me that running fast isn’t the be all and end all, and as a result I didn’t place much focus on this. Maybe one day. But running fast isn’t that important to me – I like to think of it more as easy or hard, rather than slow or fast – I know I’d prefer easy to hard, so easy it is.

3. Training to run and enter a marathon. Done.
– The Belfast 2014 marathon on 4th May.
3:32, great run, great time had. 🙂

4. Enter and run another 3 events. Kind of done, until I fainted and hit my head in October!
I entered and ran the Skye Half Marathon in June (12 sec pb!),

the Thunder Run in July (3 x10ks) – great time had with Eileen and the others.

and I entered the Southside 6, but didn’t do it because of the bump a week before. I did pace 50 mins at the Women’s 10k, but perhaps 2015 I need to plan my events and book them. 🙂
3 events including the 10k, so done!

Oh wait a minute, how could I forget – I did the Strathaven 50 mile relay with the dolly mixtures!! (And I ended up dehydrated, and then with a viral infection for around 3 weeks, must hydrate better in 2015!) – done!

5. Help others achieve – done.
– I coached a number of people to run, and to learn to swim too. I also helped a colleague at work get out and running at the start of the year, and I guess at the women’s 10k, I hopefully helped tens or hundreds of women to achieve.

6. Record my activity better – done.
– I’ve actually used apps and technology to improve this. I use my Garmin to record my activity, runs, swims, some walks (other than walking to work) and strength training sessions.

And I use My Withings to record my weight, body fat (with my withings wifi scales) and now my blood pressure and resting heart rate through the app too. The spreadsheets are gone and I prefer the online access to Garmin and withings. Making things automatic is most certainly key.
(I’ll write about totals in another post).

My life goals

7. Be a bridesmaid. – done.
– I loved it. Loved being a part of my best friends day and being part of her very close knit family and close friends for a few weekends. It was a bit of a challenge, the heels, the dress, makeup and being a girl. But I think I just might have pulled it off.

8. Go on holiday to San Diego. – done
– Hot hot hot, 10 nights in San Diego in October. We had a great time (except for nearly losing the kids). Now I have to save up for ANOTHER holiday for May 2015 for Fit Girl’s 40th.

9. More time with Fit Girl – done.
– Perhaps not quantifiable but I’m pretty sure we spent more time together. Out for breakfasts at the weekend, or out running or at the gym together. And in 2015 this should increase again when I’m not teaching swimming on Sundays anymore.

10. Adventurise more – done.
– This one we need to work on. A few holidays, one to Arran for my birthday and one to San Diego, Skye, Inverness, the Kelpies, Edinburgh, and away for the hen night, wedding and wedding dance three weekends in a row – but life was pretty much spent in Glasgow in 2014. One to work on in 2015.

11. Spend more time with those I love – done
– My Dad, my friend Sheena in Skye, Emma in Inverness, my brother and his kids, my sister and her kids. Need to make an effort to keep this up or do more of it, and visit / meet up with people in 2015.

One of my favourite times this year was after my half marathon in Skye with Sheena where I helped her make a coffee and walnut cake (without walnuts as she’d run out). It was truly priceless and will stay with me forever.

Spending the day with my Dad waking and eating ice cream and spending the day with my niece and another with my nephews around the commonwealth games was pretty special too. The simple things in life.

12 – More blog and LP Trains Facebook page time (less personal Facebook time) – done.
– I’ve come away from my personal Facebook page and even deleted the app fri my phone. Most of my posting happens on my LP trains Facebook page, for every day activity, but i’d like to get back to blogging some more.

My Work goals

13. Leave work on time – done
– I was getting to a point in work where staying late was getting to be the norm. I’m always in half an hour early, so I should really be leaving on time, but my boss tends to do 930-7pm, 8 or 9pm so it’s easy to get sucked in. I improved it a lot and made sure to make leaving for 530pm the norm (with the odd late night when required).

14. Be more productive – done
– I use a simple email category system in work to prioritise work, and I get work done. I had a great yearly appraisal with lots of nice things said about me by other people / colleagues. And I’m enjoying it too. So all good. 🙂

So 12 out of 14 goals completed. Now I need to think of some for 2015. I think I’ll have a wee review of what happened, month by month for me. 🙂

Oh – one more, 1,000 miles run – completed today on the eve of Hogmanay, with one day to go! Talk about tight! 13 out of 15 goals completed.

Overall a very happy year, with a few downers with the viral infection and a few colds, but I’m hoping I’m on top of that now.

I’ve got a week off work to review, think and blog about it my 2014, and my 2015.

I’ll add some links to this post later.

Did you achieve your 2014 goals, and what are you thinking of for goals for 2015?

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